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Spice Mills


Peugeot Saveurs is located in the town Quingey near Besançon, in the French region of Doubs. With about 130 employees, the company is proud to make the world’s most celebrated spice mills. From research and development to manufacturing, the Peugeot Saveurs factory is where the wood is turned, then varnished or painted; where our exclusive spice-specific mechanisms are cut with pin-point accuracy, then assembled and fitted.

Made in France, Peugeot products are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.


The Peugeot adventure started in the 19th century with a flurry of ingenious code-setting creations and to this day, Peugeot coffee and pepper mills set the standards for gourmets and great chefs alike. Since 1850, the lion has epitomized the quality of Peugeot products…

 1810 – Start of the PEUGEOT family’s industrial vocation

1840 – The first coffee mill

The R model, made in wood and sheet metal, is available in 10 different sizes. Up to 1870, it was called the “Ordinary Model”.

1850 – The Lion: A trademark

In 1850, the Lion symbol appears on all the saw blades. It symbolises the qualities of the Peugeot tools and utensils: Teeth resistance, blade flexibility, fast cutting.

1852 – Ladies’ fashion, new outlets

The crinoline arrived from England, Paris and the whole of France followed the movement. About 24,000 crinoline hoopskirts were produced each month, with weights varying from 150 to 300 g.

1855 – First cast-iron millspremier moulin peugeot.jpg - Peugeot Saveurs

These mills, also called “counter or grocer’s mills” were used to grind large quantities of a variety of grains: coffee, sugar, oats, etc.