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Green Beans - Biji kopi

Indonesia is the World's no 3 in coffee production and exports, About 80% are Robusta and Remaining High Land Arabica, Since Indonesia Archipelagos lies beneath the equator or categorized as tropical country with 2 season, Dry and Rainy season.

For The Arabica coffee, require the lower temperature for the coffee to grow well, In the equator, at least 1200m above sea level to reach the suitable temperature for the Arabica to be healty grown. Most of the Indonesia Highland are at the Slope of the Active Volcano.

Indonesia has 5 Big island with mountain and higland that grow Arabica coffee and countless Robusta coffee, under the shade grown and volcanic soils, the cup quality is excellent and the different earth mineral define the unique flavor.

MPN Coffee (Maharaja Pusakan Nusantara) sourcing specialty Coffee green beans from. 

- Working together with the farmer for a micro-lot unique and high cupping score coffee.

- Local coffee traders that knows well their regions.

- Coffee auction lot of Indonesia Specialty Coffee Auction that are grade by Q-grader.

- Single origin, micro-Lot

- Different processing method, Natural, Pulp-Natural, Honey